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Wayne Tomasi is a retired college professor. He is also an internationally published author who has written over 20 engineering textbooks and laboratory manuals that were published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. Several of his books have been translated into Spanish and Chinese and sold throughout the world. Wayne was born and raised in the quaint little village of Oriskany in the Mohawk Valley Region of New York State. After graduating from high school and serving three years with the United States Army; Wayne moved his family to Arizona and began attending Arizona State University. He graduated from the College of Engineering in 1975 and immediately began a 32-year teaching career.

To date Wayne has accumulated over 6200 hiking miles and almost 700 hiking days in the Grand Canyon. He began hiking with his young family on the central corridor trails and eventually moved into the more remote areas of the Grand Canyon. To date, Wayne and his immediate family members have compiled 18,000 hiking miles and summited the numberous peaks in the Grand Canyon on over 250 adventures.

Grand Canyon Hiking Adventures, Grand Canyon Hiking Guide to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon
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